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Airport Transfer

Transfer to the airport remains popular and almost indispensable service. Если the shuttle service to the airport, you can avoid problems such as the difficulty of movement of public transport on the outskirts of the city, endless queues for shuttle, luggage transportation in uncomfortable conditions. Private transportation company solve all of these problems and provide you a comfortable travel to the airport in a comfortable luxury car. You can be sure that you will arrive on time at the airport that your luggage will be delivered in one piece, and you will not forget his part in public transport, and do not carry heavy bags in their hands.
You will meet a courteous driver at the exit from the terminal or train car and take you to the indicated route and address.

vip auto in Minsk

Intercity shuttle

You need a quick and comfortable access to all cities of Belarus - this is not a problem with our VIP-taxi is only clicking the mouse
select the type of vehicle and indicate the place of delivery. The car will arrive in its pure form, at a time and duration you specified. Feel like a VIP-class person!

The main directions of Minsk-Brest, Minsk-Vitebsk, Minsk-Grodno, Minsk-Gomel, Minsk-Mogilev, Minsk-Orsha, Minsk-Soligorsk, Minsk-Lida, Minsk-Polotsk, Minsk-Soligorsk and other directions.

vip auto in Minsk

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